Mobile Versions

For Consumers and Professionals

Any of our tools and services can be access using a mobile phone or device. Even if you purchases a private label product, your mobile version is delivered branded for you.


We have a version of our sites that any device, no matter how small or non-smart, can access. It does require internet access from your cell phone or device provider.

We also have iPhone and Droid applications. Those are downloaded to the cell phone and also synchronize with your internet account.


Smart Phone Users can download NutriLight allows tracking by searching our large database of foods and recipes and follow your plans. You can also photograph your meals and your registered dietitan or healthcare provider will be able to analyze and place their nutritional value and recommendations into your journal. SIMPLE - EASY - FAST!


Plate Maker is our latest iPhone app. It is designed as a game to help users assemble their plate. As the user places food portions into their plate the application calculates the nutritional value of that plate.



We develop white label mobile phones applications.

Call us for more information at 1-877-Nutrihand

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